Do you know about health facilities in the Bihar District of Samastipur? It is one of the most backward districts for medicine. Health care for those who seek urgent care is very distant. Most patients in need of immediate heart or intensive care are dying because of their absence.

So we brought immediate medical care to the district through the Road Ambulance Service in Samastipur. We have a fleet of cardiac care centers, ICU centers, mortuary, road clinics, and death body clinics. You don’t have to be worried about immediate care and how to carry the body if you die.

 Low-cost road ambulance with ALS facility in Samastipur

 If you want patient transportation to Samastipur hospital from Krishna, the ZK Memorial, Aashirvad, and Sadar, call us. We offer a cost-effective road ambulance with advanced life support systems to transfer critical patients 24*7. Our outpatients are equipped with the latest fan, breathable, suction pump, machine for diffusion, oxygen cylinders, portable power supply, etc.

 Hanuman ambulance has sorted out your patient transfer problem, and it is very popular with this service. Our Ambulance service in Samastipur offers you all the facilities to move a patient in an emergency and a non-emergency situation. The Ambulance can be hired conveniently in the local areas of Samastipur and Muzaffarpur.

Ambulance Service in Samastipur

Prefer our Ground Ambulance Services in Samastipur for the following benefits:-


*Quick Transfer of Patients

* Environmental stress-free

*Transfer to bed for patients

* Available 24*7

* Transparent Services

Call us now to book Samastipur’s fastest and cheapest ground Ambulance Service in Samastipur. We ask everyone to avoid transferring patients by general vehicles because these are dangerous for patients’ lives and limbs. Our Ground ambulance always wants to transfer the patient in Samastipur and in general. 

What we are doing –

Our Ambulance provides the severely ill patient with prompt medical help and during their transfer. We are one of the superior and well-experienced medical providers in Delhi, Jharkhand, and Bihar ground ambulance services. We never charge hidden costs, unwanted demand, and any extra cost.

Why should you select our services?

Our expert team and experienced MBBS, MD physicians, and paramedics are available 24 x7 hours. We provide patients with a safe medical hand and medical equipment world-class. All our ambulances are highly equipped and comfortably equipped with ground ambulance ICU, CCU, and MICU equipment.

Hanuman Road Ambulance Service in Samastipur offers all amenities in different ambulance types, including fan ambulance, ICU Samastipur ambulance, and cardiac Ambulance. We offer all of the amenities in Samastipur Ambulance Service like medical equipment, a bed to bed transfer, etc. The complete ICU configuration is also provided here, and you can quickly move your patient into the hospital bed by the bed to bed service. It is so convenient to travel from one hospital to another for urgent medical care in this service.

Our experience – 

 With us, you will experience how we offer transparent and high-quality services to the patient while moving from one place to another. And the service, like the bed-to-bed medical facility together with the other, provides a smooth and perfect transfer to the severely ill patient in a short span.

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