Purnia is one of Bihar’s most reverse districts. Due to its distant and cut-off location, there is no emergency medical services in the district. Most people need government hospitals that lack adequate facilities. In addition, the need for an ambulance can exacerbate the experience. So often people are taken advantage of by quacks and private hospitals with no proper medical training or degree. So why visit such hospitals in the absence of an ambulance? Hanuman Ambulance Services has brought efficient medical personnel to its fleet and the best Ambulance Service in Purnia.

.We’re only a phone call away from you. Whatever the condition, in a few minutes we promise to reach the patient. Don’t give heavy burdens to save a life. If necessary, we will take you to the best facility or hospital nearby. In addition, our qualified medical staff and ICU ambulance facilities cannot allow patients to die before arriving at the hospital.

Ambulance Service in Purnia

Now in Purnia. Let us discuss our ambulance services:

We make full-functional patient transportation. All kinds of essential equipment such as fan, mask, oxygen cylinder, etc. can be used. These are very important equipment, which monitors and relieves the patient. We render our entire hospital service in Purnia so that the patient is safely transferred in the presence of a skilled doctor and paramedics. Our low-cost ambulance is well-known and helpful.

Why are you going to choose us?

  1.     We provide immediate response to ensure the highest quality

A world-class communication network unites our experienced team and can instantly be positioned with a road agency in Delhi, Patna, and Ranchi etc. for patients. Our medical expertise stays in constant communication with the patient and with our own experts while caring for the patient.

  1.     Our ambulance is always available!

Our Ambulance Service is always available and you can call us anytime in an emergency. We transfer the patient very safely and we also provide all emergency solutions. If you need to get to the hospital as quickly as possible, we offer a very low cost of all the services under the roof. 24-hour emergency service is available in Purnia and you can contact us quickly for patient transfer with your doctor. The patient is provided with the necessary elements for urgent medical support. You can visit the website and learn about our ground ambulance services in full.

Our ambulance service: just a summary

We offer ground ambulance service 24 hours a day. We also help people to reach the hospital at the earliest possible opportunity. You can easily contact us and obtain the solution in an emergency or non-emergency situation.

Our DEAD BODY Ambulance is available 24×7.

The Dead Body Ambulance in Purnia is also supplied to family members and transferred to the residential family member. You can also hire our service to reach your beloved dead body quickly and safely. Our medical professionals provide different types of essential chemicals to prevent decay or rotten odors in the dead body. We include certain legal formalities for the transfer of the dead body to the family member.


Our Road Ambulance Service from Purnia to Patna is available 24 hours a day and quickly moves the patient. We offer low-cost patient transport without any hidden burden. You can hire us here and get all the medical benefits. If you look close to me like an ambulance, call us now.

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