Hanuman Ambulance is the brand for patient transportation solutions. It offers the best Ambulance Service in Khagaria. We have a caring nature, organizational skills, good communication, and the ability to stay calm. Who we are? We are the emergency ambulance service provider and handle all the critical situations of people who need medical care and therapeutics in traveling hour by road. We also provide the train ambulance and air ambulance services to shift the patient. Consequently, we have rendered the quality based ambulance service from one place to another to provide the best treatment in the hospital.

Khagaria is the district of Bihar where the population is so high. Ordinarily, the distance of Khagaria from Patna by roadway is 201.7 KM from NH 31. It takes 4 hours 48 minutes by roadways. Our ground ambulance service in Khagaria provides all the medical help, for example, it reaches quickly at your door to shift the patient to a hospital with a commercial stretcher or wheelchair in the case of immobility of that ill person.

Ambulance service in Khagaria

Bed to bed transportation is available to the patient for the immediate relocation to change the place. In other words, Hanuman Ambulance in Khagaria gives you transportation from the current hospital to the destination hospital at another place in Bihar by road. Accordingly, it also gives the movement from hospital to home with care facility until journey hour.

The medical team is well-educated and professionally trained to provide all required care and treatment in the Van. However, the team has paramedic staff, nurses, doctors, technicians, and all other medical employees who are needed to present at the time of shifting of the patient on the bed.

Moreover, the medical equipment is also present in the ICU facility. We are providing the ACLS/BLS Ambulance from Khagaria with all the latest tools like a defibrillator, ventilator, cardiac machine, oxygen cylinder, nebulizer, bi-pap, c-pap, etc.


Hanuman Mortuary Ambulance Service in Khagaria for cadaver transportation:

We have offered the Dead Body Ambulance Service in Khagaria to its family members. Hanuman ambulance services in Khagaria render the wooden coffin box for the cadaver. We reach a residential place with our medical team to hand over the corpse safely in minimum time. We give the medicated materials to stop the decaying p[rocess of the corpse. The medical staffs always present in Van to see the cadaver until the traveling hour.


Why hire Hanuman ambulance services from Khagaria?

We are safe and secure to book our services for patient transportation

Our dead body transportation is also safe with all formalities

The cost is low to book the road ambulance

We transport via air and train also to the patient in another state of the hospital

We have no hidden cost

To provide all the treatment while traveling we provide the medical staff

24/7 hours services available

On-call support available

Therefore, stop looking for another ambulance service. We@ Hanuman Ambulance is all time available to transport the patient without any delay. Hire us and get all support here.

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