Hanuman Ambulance Service in Katihar offers patient/hospital and specialist ambulance services. Some ambulances, including an air ambulance, are available to pick up a patient in an emergency in a helicopter ambulance. In case of spontaneous heart issues or an epileptic seizure, an ambulance service could be called, to name a few times. The cost of an ambulance depends on vehicle type and emergency standard. Any ambulances are sent to ICU facilities depending on the current condition. Booking our Ambulance not only saves time driving in a personal car but also improves a patient’s chances of survival.

With exclusive ICU and CCU installation, our Ambulance runs the quickest road ambulance service in Katihar. We provide world-class ambulances with fans, ventilation apparatus, defibrillator, suction pump, infusion unit, oxygen cylinder and portable supply of energy, and many more. The air-conditioning vehicles provide safe and convenient patient transportation. Many of these services can now be used at a substantially low price. The move of patients from bed to bed is an additional benefit of our Katihar road ambulance service.

You can contact us at all hours if you wish to switch medical services to nearby hospitals and other health centers. After contact with us, you can hit a well-conditioned Road Ambulance Service in Katihar. Move your patient with a superb medical team from Katihar to Patna or other towns.

Ambulance Service in Katihar

See our emergency services in Katihar for their benefits:

 *Transfer to bed for patients

 *Stress-free relatively

 *Nighttime emergency emergencies Quickest Response

 *Advanced and comfortable

 *24×7 Disposable

 Our particularity:-

 Our Ambulance Service in Katihar gives the severe patient and, during their transmission, immediate medical assistance. Our services are connected with Delhi, Jharkhand, and Bihar, among the most advanced and well-experienced medical dispatchers. Our ambulances never charge concealed rates, undesirable demand, and other extra fees.

Why chose us?

specialist MBBS, MD physicians, and paramedic’s team are available 24 x 7 hours a day. We transfer patients to secure medical hands and medical devices of international quality. Both of our ambulances are well fitted and accommodated with land ambulance ICU, CCU, and MICU equipment.

We are experienced:-

Our service tells you how straightforward and quality care we provide patients with as they are moved from one site to another. And the bed-to-bed service, along with the other one, provides a seamless and faultless transition for the chronically ill patient within a limited time.

Our specialties:

Transferring a patient by rail outpatient is one of the most challenging work in emergency services. It can only be handled with extreme caution. At the railway office, we aim to navigate the transit facilities to the degree that our patients and their attendants have not noticed the challenge.

Ground ambulance: We have a large and well-equipped highway ambulance network in Bihar, serving both major and small towns in the province. Together with Katihar, we extend our land ambulation services to all cities in Bihar.

The specialized level facilities include an Ambulance Service in Katihar with access to cardiac treatment, the patient with oxygen, and urgent transport to the closest specialist hospital.

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