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The Hanuman Ambulance Service in Jamui is the first choice for people to move their beloved from Jamui to Patna. It is because of this fully responsible ambulance service provider that patients move from bed to bed. The company is certified and authorized to take care of the transfer of severe or careful patients. Our ambulance service is currently located in Patna, near Malachi Pakadi Chawk, Kankarbagh. Jamui patients can call us to take their loved ones from this city at any tough time.

Our ambulance provider provides patients with all kinds of road ambulance services. The Cardiac Care Ambulance with the necessary medical equipment in which any severe patient can easily survive. During the entire journey, ICU specialists take care of the patient. Jamui’s Hanuman Ambulance Service always demands actual costs and provides the best service.

 One of the top-class ground-level medical transport services is an ISO certified ambulance service. This ambulance service provider in Patna operates more than ten four-wheeler vehicles. For more than five years, this ambulance company has transported patients to Patna and Patna. Sumo, Victa, Marshal, Bolero, Tavera, Winger, and Omni are the leading road ambulance service. Our Road Ambulance Service in Jamui offers these ambulances in Patna for a short distance and the sake of a typical patient.

Ambulance Service in Jamui

Our road ambulance is a convenience for medical transfer where only oxygen and certain necessary life supplies take care of the patient. The Hanuman Ambulance Service offers a skilled paramedical technician connected with a patient’s care in this essential life support ambulance service. This proven ambulance service can transfer patients around the clock in Patna, Bihar. Our Ambulance is a 24/7 vigilant physician who always comes first and then near the patient’s bed.

The ISO Certified Ambulance Service in Jamui is one of the most cost-effective coffin box suppliers in Patna. Coffin Casket or Box is a piece of religion where the gone safely is kept. This service is provided by our Coffin Box Supplier from Patna to anywhere in India. In principle, many dead bodies are being dispatched from Patna or to Patna; Hanuman Ambulance Service offers the greatest transport privileges concerning the corpse. According to the deceased family’s requirements, this ambulance service provider offers all sorts of cassock boxes and offers them at the lowest price.

Coffin Box is transported by air and road. Our ambulance services have road mortuary vehicles, while commercial and private airlines are on the airways. In Bihar, our Dead Body Transportation Ambulance Service organizes an ambulance for all Bihar residents. Our Dead Body Transportation Service provides business airlines (Go Air, Air India, Air Asia, IndiGo, and Spice Jet) out of Bihar to those in need.

The Hanuman Ambulance Service also provides commercial airline stretchers such as Go Air, Air India, SpiceJet, IndiGo, etc. All patient classes in India can use this aeromedical rescue service. Our Commercial Stretcher service provides this Economy, Business, and other class ambulance facility. In general, the economy class in Airlines is economical, and patients have the same medical privileges. 

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