Hanuman, the ambulance service in Muzaffarpur is a reputed service provider. It is the best road ambulance in Bihar. We offer an emergency pick-up van with all facilities. Our Van is all time ready to transport patients from home to hospital. We are different from others.

Hanuman is a full-featured mj pick-up Van for every patient. Our services are so wide all over Bihar. We are transporting the patient to Muzaffarpur. It is the district of Bihar and many hospitals are here. We also transport a patient from Patna to Muzaffarpur by road.Muzaffarpur is 79 KM and it takes a time of 2hrs 9 min to reach Patna. It is very convenient to cover the distance by NH 22 from Patna. Hanuman takes minimum time to transport the patient. It is fast, smooth, and reliable to shift patients.

Ambulance Service in Muzaffarpur

Hanuman Ambulance Service In Muzaffarpur Features:

We are giving the bed to bed facility from Muzaffarpur to Patna. This service is to travel from home to hospital, hospital to home, and hospital to hospital. Our van is filled with advanced medical equipment. We provide ICU, ventilator, ECG, and all required tools. The patient feels very easy to move. 


An emergency can occur at any time. Hanuman ambulance service in Muzaffarpur is always ready for moving to any hospital from any place in Muzaffarpur. If needed we also give transportation in other districts of Bihar. 


Hanuman ambulance service in Muzaffarpur has a good team. We expose our support to the needy one for a convenient journey. Hanuman has made for everyone to take the service. Our motivation is to carry the sufferer to save a life. We take action immediately and reach a provided address in a short span.


Hanuman ambulance service in Muzaffarpur has other features also. It provides a mobile mortuary ambulance for corpses. The Mortuary ambulance has smooth coverage of distance features. We offer a wooden box to cover the dead body. 


Our medical staff is available for all services. They care for and give treatment to the patient. They also give support to transport the dead body to its relative’s home. While reaching a hospital with the patient, our team all-time alert to provide the best care to him or her. Life is precious and we give complete care with all required medical treatment to the ill person in journey hour.


The dead body ambulance service in Muzaffarpur is also good. We reach immediately at a residential place with all arrangements of a dead body. We give chemicals to the corpse which is medicinal to protect from the decaying process.


Our medical staff like doctors and paramedics are so responsible to provide care, treatment, and medical services in traveling time. You can contact us at any time to hire our ambulance service in Muzaffarpur @ 24 hours.

Why Our Ambulance Service In Muzaffarpur?