Hanuman, the brand with the best ambulance service. It is located in Patna, Bihar, and providing the road ambulance service to and from Gaya and Patna. Gaya, the historical place of Bihar and the attraction of tourists is the second largest city of the Magadh division. The distance between Gaya and Patna is 110.1 KM by roadways and it takes time to reach destination about 3 hours 23 min. Our ambulance service in Gaya by roadways is so fast and smooth to reach in emergency/non-emergency cases. 

Ambulance Service in Gaya

What Hanuman Ambulance Service In Gaya Serves As Medical Emergency Transportation?

We are one of the best service providers among other road ambulance services from Gaya to Patna. Hanuman ambulance service from Gaya has rendered all the quality medical packages which are very essential for the patient to transport safely. We are different from others because we know how to take action at the time of patient transportation in an emergency. It is a matter to save someone’s life so we don’t compromise with our quality based medical service.

We look for the medical device which is very important to present in the ambulance while going to transport the emergency patient. Our new version of medical equipment is always available to diagnose the patient while traveling. We are providing tools like a ventilator, nebulizer, ECG/EEG machine, oxygen cylinder, and all types of medical equipment that are required.

Our medical team is always ready to provide the medical emergency transportation service with all facilities. We take care of the patient till journey hour and also give the bed to bed transportation with stretcher and wheelchair facility due to which a patient feels comfortable to travel and get rest all the time in journey hour.

The proper medicine and treatment provides in running time by our ambulance from Gaya to Patna or in returning home from Patna to Gaya or vice-versa by the paramedic staffs who always dedicated to serving their sympathy and care to the patient. The MD doctor is all time available to give the best care and treatment to the patient.

Hanuman ambulance is fast transportation not only for the emergency patient but it also provides the mobile mortuary ambulance service for dead body transportation. We safely reach the destination with all required formalities to the relative’s home in a short span.

Hanuman ambulance service from Gaya is specialized to give the best transport all the time with the expert medical team in genuine cost. It is highly demanded in medical emergencies or dead body transportation. You can contact us easily at any time and get our valued service for transporting the patient.

Our Advantages:

Hanuman road ambulance service in Gaya is available 24/7 hours

It is cost-effective to hire

It has the capability for fast coverage of distance

It gives mobile mortuary road ambulance service in Gaya

You will get quick on-call assistance.

We provide the chemicals to stop the rotten smell of the dead body in journey hour.

We give wooden-box for convenient transport the dead body

The emergency patient get all medical care services from our side