Are you in search of an ambulance service in Darbhanga? Hanuman ambulance offers you the emergency patient transportation system. We reach within 15 minutes at your preferred address. It has given an easy method to stick out a hospital immediately by roadways in Darbhanga.

Darbhanga is a district in Bihar. It is far away from 18.1 KM from Patna. It takes 3 hours 59 minutes to reach Patna by roadways. Hanuman ambulance has offered the best medical emergency transportation service. It renders a ventilator, cardiac machine, oxygen cylinder, ICU, etc.

ambulance service in darbhanga
ambulance service in darbhanga

This equipment is very important for a patient while getting transportation. It is one of the popular media to transfer the patient so fast with all safety and care. The patient deserves the care and treatment procedure. We have the medical staff either he or she is a paramedic or a doctor. They are always ready to shift the patient in a hospital.

Hanuman’s Other Features Included In Ground Ambulance Service In Darbhanga:

We have offered the bed to bed patient transportation. Our stretcher and wheel-chair are ready to shift patients with comfort. He/She will feel easy to move with our such facility. We provide a home to hospital or hospital to home transportation.  Our ambulance in Darbhanga is always ready. We also provide a change in hospitals by roadways.

AC/NON-AC ambulance service in Darbhanga is also provided by Hanuman. We reach in the least period by maintaining all the facilities for the patient in journey hour. The proper treatment and care are available in our ambulance.

We also give the mobile mortuary ambulance service in Darbhanga. Our dead body transportation service is also available. We provide it with all normal and legal formalities. Our medical staff reaches your door with your loved one’s dead body with all major care services. We deliver the corpse with a Wooden box which takes a small space to keep.

Why Choose Only Hanuman Ambulance Service In Darbhanga?

We offer all the required solutions to care for our patients. We don’t compromise with our services because we know the importance of the life of the sufferer. Our pick-up van is always ready to move with our expert team still reaching on-time at the destination. We are cost-effective to get hired at any time. Hanuman ambulance service in Darbhanga is available 24 hours.

Hanuman ambulance service is the best one to hire. We have the mission to provide our service in the entire Bihar. Hanuman ambulances transport patients in emergency/non-emergency cases both. We are giving all the medical advantages. The sufferer feels comfortable to move to any place in Bihar.
Call our ambulance service in Darbhanga at a genuine rate. We don’t take any extra charges from our patients. We have only one focus that is to save your loved one’s life.