Hanuman Ambulance offers the fastest Road Ambulance Service in Buxar. We serve patient transfer with Bed to Bed. Our qualified healthcare professionals and technicians are motivated to provide patients with complete care during transport. If you need to transfer a patient from the Hospital of Sadar, ECHS, VK Global, Dr. Anarkali, and other health centers in Buxar, please call us at any time. An advanced road ambulance would be able to evacuate your patient in a matter of minutes. All of our road ambulances in Buxar carry cardiac oxygen cylinders in Buxar.


 During a medical emergency, time must be saved. The management of medical emergencies can save lives quickly. If your life is at stake, always try to stay calm. Time is critical when it’s life and death, and when you drive to a hospital and don’t know how challenging your situation is, it might lead to a deadly outcome.

 This is made possible by Hanuman Ambulance Service in Buxar. Patients can be moved to a hospital by ambulances. If you call an ambulance, you contain several things, the most important of which is fast, well-trained service.

 Mobile medical services with staff and life-saving equipment are ambulances. As such, you must trust your ambulance driver to be safe and be as fast as possible. The ambulance includes a team of people who work to save lives and respond to crises.

 These ambulances are affordable and valuable to all. When the ambulance is on sight, the emergency facilities are equipped, and staff deemed necessary for the situation.

ambulance service in buxar

Choose our Ambulance service in Buxar because we are:-

*Relatively cheap

* Environmental stress-free

* Certified fitness vehicles

* Ambulances with air conditioning

*The patient’s fastest approach

*Transfer bed to bed patient

Availability 24*7

We are a renowned ground ambulance service provider in Buxar known for providing excellent 24*7*365 road ambulance services. Shift your patient in the ambulance with the best medical team from Buxar to Patna.

We provide the patient with 24/7 medical services.

We transport the patient with all amenities, such as the expert medical team, and offer the cheapest possible relief. With the ICU specialist, we change the injured patient, and our medical facilities are so vast. We provide Ambulance Service from Buxar to Patna based on ACLS, BLS, or ICU. All the solutions are provided under the roof.

We provide ICU based facilities.

A medical necessity is a necessary condition if you need it. We help fast when the patient needs to be transferred from one place to another. We are the ambulance service provider for Medivic Roads and transfer the patient from Buxar to Patna through our ambulance service. We give you all kinds of facilities for transferring patients with various equipment. With perfect diagnosis and care, we change the patient.

We have different types of medical kits.

We supply a range of useful and purposeful medical utensils. Buxar Ambulance Service offers the full setup of ICU, fan, oxygen cylinders, nebulizers and pump suction units, commercial stretchers, heart systems, etc.

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