Patna is the capital of Bihar and here there are many places where medical support and ambulance services are available. The Hanuman Ambulance Service in Boring Road is available to solve the emergency and non-emergency cases with the patient transport system. We are providing the best movement buy roadways for medical treatment in any condition. We are safe and secure and smoothly cover the distance from one district to another in a short span.

Hanuman Ambulance Service in Boring Road is offering the convenient relocation in case of chronic ailment with an expert medical team. The medical staff like paramedics, doctors, nurses, technicians all are present at the time of shifting the patient. We provide the stretcher if the patient is very serious and self-movement is not possible.

Ambulance Service in Boring Road

Features included in the Hanuman ambulance service in Boring Road:

All tools are available which are essential to diagnose the patient. In our Van the equipment like a defibrillator, ventilator, nebulizer, oxygen cylinder, ICU/CCU, cardiac machine, etc. are present to provide the best treatment to the ill person.

The medical team and our paramedic staff are all-time giving the best care to the patient in the entire journey. The sufferer will feel peace and better to travel to reach the destination place. Our Ambulance Service in Boring Road also provides the bed to bed service to relocate immediately from one hospital to another, hospital to home, or home to hospital. We are also giving the air ambulance and train ambulance services where the road ambulance is preferred to reach the airport and railway station respectively.


Choose Hanuman ambulance service in Boring Road in need:

We provide genuine cost.

Round the clock available with on-call assistance

Mobile Mortuary Ambulance Service in Boring Road is also available

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