If  you are in a medical emergency and wanted to tackle it with a phone call then you should choice the most trusted ambulance service name Hanuman Ambulance Service in Bhagalpur which is available  24/7 in Bhagalpur with just one phone call to give you all type of ambulance service which you want in a medical emergency in Bhagalpur . If you want to transfer  your patient in sadar hospital or any other healthcare center in Bhagalpur or out of station then you should feel free to call us 24/7 in our call center where our  professional and trained executive will help you to tackle your medical need and will provide your need ambulance with excellent and trained healthcare   professionals with in just 15 minute .our ALS or BLS ambulance  in Bhagalpur are equipped  with Hi-tech ICU equipment with specialist Doctors and paramedics in a relatively low cost with comfortable and comprehensive service. 


             Why should you call Hanuman ambulance service in Bhagalpur?

        Why should you call Hanuman ambulance service in Bhagalpur?

For many modern & advantageous reasons  people call Hanuman Ambulance  service in Bhagalpur :-


  * Relatively low cost.

*comfortable and comprehensive

*Hi- tech modern ICU equipment  

*Experienced & trained Doctors and paramedics as per your need


*Bed to bed patient transfer

*Transparent service

*Faster road ambulance service in Bhagalpur.

*Long distance coverage from one corner to another .


Our service is transparent with safe patient evacuation  is done by our trained & skilled professionals ventilator cardiac  ambulance in Bhagalpur .we never charge any extra cost or hidden cost by our patient at any stage of patient transfer.so if you have any need for Road Ambulance then call us.