Arya Kumar Road is one of the famous places and here the medical amenities are so wide. The Hanuman Ambulance service in Arya Kumar Road provides you all the facilities to transfer the patient in an emergency and non-emergency case. We are giving all the solutions in a critical moment. An emergency case like an accident, injury, or any other chronicle or panic condition can be solved here by the transportation service. We are shifting the patient with a road ambulance to the hospital. Hanuman Ambulance is also shifting the patient with airways and train ambulances. We have all the medical facilities to transport the patient to other cities also.

Hanuman Ambulance service in Arya Kumar Road has advanced features:

Hanuman Ambulance service in Arya Kumar Road provides you all the medical facilities like the latest tools for the treatment of patients in journey hour. The tools are like ventilator, ICU setup, oxygen cylinder, defibrillator, nebulizer, ECG machine, etc. These are very important to present at the time of patient transportation for the perfect diagnosis of the patient.

Ambulance Service in Arya Kumar Road

The medical staff are also well-trained and they are highly co-operative to give all preventive measures and as well as care to the patient. The patient will feel relief in the journey hour. Our paramedic staff, doctors, technicians, and nurses are well-educated to provide treatment and care during journey hours.

We also provide the bed to bed transportation to and from other districts with all medical amenities. We have a well-equipped Ambulance service in Arya Kumar Road and gives all medical support to the patient for transporting from the current hospital to the new hospital.

Our different features:

24/7 hours of patient transportation

Mortuary ambulance with wooden coffin box facility

Cost-effective charge

All-time on-call assistance

Cover the distance in minimum time with safety

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