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Hanuman Ambulance Service in Arwal stands for emergency facilities, fitted with the whole ambulance’s medical supplies with emergency and non-emergency treatment. This ambulance from one city to another is used by the specialist team for emergency care transfer. Both medical evacuation facilities, including air ambulances, the rail ambulance, the field ambulance, and the emergency ambulance, are provided by this ambulance service.

In its emergency service, Hanuman Ambulance offers several choices, such as:

Non Ambulance AC or Non-AC:

We seek only to comply with our Non A/C Ambulance Service’s medical specifications. We represent the human race and provide the resources required.

Quick Fast Emergency Services have proven to be a blessing for millions of families struggling for quick and reliable ambulance services. A customer can now book our too specialized road ambulances for your loved ones’ instant change for the specialist therapies very quickly. You will benefit from our terrestrial ambulances during the year if you have trouble flying by air Ambulance Service in Arwal  and train ambulances. We are ready 24×7 and provide competent and expert service in different states of India that is trustworthy, inexpensive, and experienced.

Ambulance Service in Arwal

Ambulance train with ICU-setup:


Intensive Care Unit Kit stands for Complete ICU Package in Rail. With a doctor and a paramedical technician, we delivered the full-ICU kit emergency transportation operation. We guarantee that in AC 2 Tier or 1 AC, we have this railway emergency evacuation facility. We reserve four berths for which the train ambulances are provided by one patient, doctor, paramedic, and one patient assistant.

We always confirm with the train rules and regulations; Hanuman Ambulance has one of the finest ICU operated medical train transport services.


Ambulance service Full Life support:


Often named Heart  Ambulance Service in Arwal or Full ICU Ambulances Medical Service is Specialized Life Emergency Support Service. This emergency care center is one of the most sophisticated vehicles in which the patients have access to medical accessories from A to Z and live stocks. Emergency Ambulance Services in Arwal offers a full collection of emergency equipment such as fan, computer, infuser, pump suction, nebulizer, B-2 sort & mobile, pacemaker, laryngoscopes, regulator, emergency medicine, all critical life supplies. 


In the Specialized Life Support Ambulance, there are some unique features which are:


• Spaciously furnished bed with air conditioning

• Three relative patients fly along with us

• In this cardiac ambulance, well-ICU Configuration

• ICU Physician and Patient Care Teambuilding

• A large shop inside the ambulance with the Oxygen Cylinders

• ICU Extension Long Distance Travel Facility


Air ambulance is our best service:


• Air Ambulance equipment such as oxygen cylinders, BP monitor, and stethoscopes are critical life-saving devices. The trained clinicians on the helicopter are specialized at supplying the patient with the necessary pre-hospitalization treatment.


• Victims’ lives and mortality in massive incidents causing multiple injuries play an essential part. Many of the wounded will be flown concurrently. In the first one-hour period, most patients who have a significant wound or a life-threatening condition die.


• Air Ambulance Service in Arwal, in particular urgent organs for life-saving transplantation procedures, are of considerable significance for organ transport.

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