Anandpuri is the local place of Patna. Here the medical hospitals are available and the ambulance service is also rendering the patient transportation system. We, the Hanuman Ambulance service in Anandpuri are giving all the features by shifting the patient from roadways. We also have a facility to transfer by air and train in other cities. Hence we also provide the ground ambulance service to shift the patient to the airport or railway station.

Hanuman Ambulance is the brand and gives all the amenities so that a patient can safely reach the hospital. We provide the commercial stretcher for the bedridden patient and we have the best medical features in our VAN. The ambulance service fully AC and NON-AC to shift the patient.

The road ambulance has the fastest coverage of distance and gives safety to the patient. We have a well-trained staff so that the patient can feel easy to relocate to the hospital. The team has paramedics, doctors, nurses, technicians, etc. who care for the patient until the journey hour.

Ambulance Service in Anandpuri

The amenities inside the Hanuman Ambulance service in Anandpuri:

The ground Ambulance service in Anandpuri has a broad feature. Hanuman Ambulance provides you all the medical amenities which render the quality-based patient transportation system. We provide ICU/BLS/ACLS Ambulance service for the patient shifting. We assist medically with all types of equipment also. Our road ambulance is fully featured by the latest equipment like ventilator, cardiac monitor, oxygen cylinder, nebulizer, defibrillator, and many more.

Other features of Hanuman Ambulance service in Anandpuri:


  • We are cost-effective

  • We provide a mortuary ambulance with a wooden coffin box for cadaver safety

  • We are 24/7 hours available to shift the patient

You can call us now and get urgent patient transportation service by our road ambulance. We are quickly and safely transferring the patient with all care.

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