A road ambulance is needed at the time when someone is ill or suffering from any critical condition. We, the Hanuman Ambulance service in Alba Colony, are providing patient transportation by roadways. It is also popular to shift an emergency patient in other cities by airways and train ambulance. We have all types of arrangements to transfer the patient with care facilities in the ground ambulance.Hanuman Ambulance is one of the best ambulances to transfer the patient in an emergency or non-emergency case. We provide easy transportation for bedridden patients also with a stretcher and wheelchair facility. Our medical servants are very experienced to provide care and relief while transporting the patient.

Ambulance Service in Alba Colony

Hanuman Ambulance service in Alba Colony with the bed to bed transfer:

We are providing the bed to bed transportation to change the place of the hospital in another district or anywhere in Bihar. All types of medical equipment are provided here for patient care like ventilator, oxygen cylinder, defibrillator, etc. we have given ICU based ambulance, ventilator ambulance and as well as ACLS/BLS Ambulance service in Alba Colony to our patient for best relief.

The medical staff are also well-trained like paramedics, technicians, doctors, nurses, etc. our all staff are co-operative and give careful treatment to the patient. We are the top level of the service provider of road ambulances. Hence we offer the punctual service to react at your door by one call.

The Hanuman Ambulance service in Alba Colony other advantages:

You can hire us at any time @ 24/7 hours

We provide Mortuary ambulance service

We are cost-effective

We have the best team support

Why waste more time hiring a road ambulance in an emergency? Hanuman Ambulance is all time ready to shift the patient. Call us now and get quick on-call assistance.

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