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Expert Emergency Medical Team

We provide an emergency care specialist team that will be able to fight with any critical circumstances during the relocation and work on the patient condition betterment during the relocation.

Ambulance Available within 15 Minutes

We provide Road Ambulance Ambulance Service in Patna within 15 minutes at your doorstep in anywhere in Patna or whole if you have any need then call us.

24/7 Customer Support

Hanuman Ambulance  is the only Ambulance Service provider that provides customer support service which will be 24/7 hours available during the relocation from one city to the next city.

Get Ambulance Service in Patna within 15 Minutes at your doorstep medical emergencies can occur. It is challenging to move a patient to the hospital, and they should be directed by a competent team. The best way for a patient to and from a hospital is to get emergency services in Patna.

Patna is the capital of Bihar. Patna is also one of the largest cities in the region, where the hospital offers a very low-cost hospital service. Our best ambulance Services in Patna represent your door in Cardiac medical facilities. Patients are moved from the door to door with advance assistance from the doctors’ staff. In Patna, our Ambulance Cost offers a complete mix of ICU, CCU, and EMT facilities for individual patients. We delivered the doctor and qualified lady’s healthcare professional in our programs, who are often provided to your loved ones by using state-of-the-art medical support services.

Our emergency service in Patna, delivered around the clock, is only used once a week in remedial emergencies from the city of Patna. This Ambulance Service in Patna provides an affordable service. It is easy to move patients to any location without stress with our clinic because we have a top health dispatcher team with the new medical equipment. This committee has been active where the critical patients are moved. All specialized equipment for sustaining life on Earth is equipped in the Ambulance for immediate treatment in any medical case.

 In cases with unexpected health problems, a patient will be given an emergency medical service. We have many types of ambulances, one by air, where a plane enters the unique destination in case of an emergency to pick up the patient. In cases of death, unconsciousness and other complications can be used by a private ambulance service—the ambulances bill people from diverse financial backgrounds at highly economical prices. Incubators for premature babies and life-saving emergency drugs are generally fitted in ambulances.

    we provide ambulance within 15 minutes

    Hanuman Ambulance Service in Patna is the top class Road Ambulance Service by which you can safely transfer your patient within 15 minutes in  Patna and anywhere in the India.

    Different ambulance services in Patna:

    Road Ambulance

    Hospitals can be distant, and patients need to be rushed to the hospital as quickly as possible. In a medical emergency, air ambulance offers immense support not only in dangerous circumstances like hurricanes, floods, et

    air ambulance

    We are also top and best Air Ambulance Service in Patna by which you can safely shift your patient from one city to next your desired if you have any need of Road Ambulance Service and thinking about best and top class Air Ambulance Service in Patna then make a call to Hanuman Ambulance which is the best and top class Road Ambulance Service provider.


    home nursing service

    In case your patient is available at home and your are searching best and top class Home Nursing Service in Patna.then make a call to Hanuman Ambulance which is the one of the best  Home Nursing Service provider in Patna which provides all facilities like a mini hospital at home as per patient if you have any need then instantly call on our toll free number.

    our expertise

    ambulance service in buxar

    Save patient transportation

    If your patient is in a very critical situation and searching for the best and top class Road Ambulance Service in  Patna and want to save patient life.then make a call to Hanuman Ambulance  which is the best and top class Road Ambulance Service provider company that is available in all over India.

    MD Doctor support

    Hanuman Ambulance is the only Ambulance best Road Ambulance Service provider company in Patna which  provides MD Doctor support on the call by which you can save patient life in the emergency if you have any need of Road Ambulance Service then make a call to Hanuman Ambulance Service in Patna.

    latest equipment's

    Hanuman Ambulance provides all latest facilities in the Ambulance such as ICU,ventilator,mortuary and basic  Ambulance with oxygen by which you can safely shift your patient from one city to your desired city where you want to shift your patient from if you have any need of Ambulance.

    Brings sanjeevni to life

    A situation where emergency services are saved in Patna

    When you need to call for an ambulance service in Patna, there are various circumstances. In India, the number of emergency ambulances is 102. Any of these scenarios are given below


    If it’s a collapsing incident or an accident on the lane, the wounded victims must be brought to the nearest hospital as quickly as possible by our ambulance service in Patna. Accidents can be both mild and severe, depending on varying variables.

    Heart patients: 

    The number of patients with heart disease needs to be rushed to a hospital as soon as possible. It may be a big mistake to accompany a heart patient to the hospital yourself since first aid and first aid are expected to be delivered in the hospital.


    Epilepsy is inducing convulsions. It is a disease in the brain that can lead to massive damage unless adequate support is given. Paramedics assist all patients to treat them with the right medication before they visit the hospital.

    Panic attacks: 

    palpitations, respiratory failure, stress, etc., all suggest a panic strike. Though mild panic attacks can be performed at home, Patna’s emergency services often make it easier to consult the next doctor early.

    In an ambulance, services available:-

    Emergency kit: 

    These are pouches of specialized surgical instruments and supplies to stabilize the patient during medical emergencies.

    Oxygen masks: 


    Emergency personnel is referred to as paramedics inside ambulances. These paramedics are qualified to treat patients of all sorts who need various kinds of medical assistance.

    Most people suffer from respiratory complications when oxygen tanks are used to treat a medical emergency.

    Heart sensor: 

    Patients often need cardiac monitoring to help monitor their health. Separate outpatients with such intensive equipment are available.

    As life saviour, our ambulance service in Patna works:

    The need for different types of ambulances will still and everywhere be encountered. Our survival is essential, but there are uncertain injuries and health issues. Many circumstances arise in our lives where we cannot determine what sort of emergency service to use, even if the decision is based on the victim’s actual state or sick patient. Our specialist Air and Rail Treatment Services is well-known for its highly dedicated patient transportation services and promotes low-cost air ambulances from Patna to anywhere. 

    Hit & run accidents on roads linking various locations, explosions, water, bombs, aerials, and many other causes generate the need for a wide variety of ambulances. The cities are populated by people migrating from all parts of the country in the world. In recent times, demand has risen as because we use High-Tech technology for handling emergency situation. The train ambulance Services in Patna is well-known because of its excellent services.


    Patna's fastest emergency service:

    Our Air and Train Ambulance Services are opposed by many organizations offering the particular type of ambulance services. We manage in a brief period to reach excellent results. Our eternal initiative, dedication, and commitment to give our customers excellent service and thus satisfaction. All that has made us in the capital and around the world is the critical option among consumers. At meager prices, we provide the quickest road ambulance service in Patna, and other various places in India, you can use our air ambulance. Our best ambulance service in Patna commits to provide the best medical service in your location.